All sessions are currently held virtually, and in the strictest of confidence.

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Affordable rate prices:

We offer affordable prices at £30 per session! Introductory offer

£30.00 per session

Starting from £80

Full rates:

£55.00 per session

Starting from £100

*Due to different funding opportunities at different times of the year, there will be opportunities to offer therapy at a reduced cost where individuals fit the criteria, please contact us to find out more.

Our Services

  • Counselling for all types of psychological problems:

Trauma, Abuse, Bereavement, Domestic Violence, Victims of Hate Crime, Depression, Self-harm, Anxiety (OCD, Phobia, PTSD, Social), Addiction, Parental Separation/Divorce, Anger Management, Substance Misuse, Sexuality, Identity, etc.

  • Couples Counselling, Divorce and Relationship Problems
  • Supporting those whom are a witness to the detrimental effects of all listed above, through work, family and friends


The time with your counsellor is confidential and information will not be passed to anyone without your consent. We work within the Ethical Framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Among other things, this ensures that the counselling process is confidential. Copies of the Ethical Framework are available on the BACP’s website.


We oppose oppression and discrimination against people because of their age, background/culture, disabilities, ethnicity, gender, nationality race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or because they have been in contact with mental health services.

Please note, at your assessment, we will require an advanced payment of one session, as well as the assessment cost (price of a session). This advanced payment will be lost if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, or do not attend without informing us. Your advanced payment will be used for your final session providing that no sessions have been missed, or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Fees are subject to annual reviews.

Concessions are considered depending on circumstances; please don’t be afraid to ask.

Payment Methods
At the time of deciding to work with AYCP, Admin will send out an invoice via Square Point of Sale – POS (Square is a payment app). Clients will receive an email regarding the initial payment and to the next succeeding sessions – all payments shall be made through Square.  You need to prepare your debit or credit card to proceed for the payment.

Monitoring Outcomes
About You Counselling & Psychotherapy, we monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our work. In doing so, we hope to illustrate to the client growth, development and positive changes they are making in their lives. Through using tools that support with reflection and evaluation, the client is able to see the progress of their therapeutic journey.

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